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09 – 10 OCTOBER 2024

SSB Wägetechnik GmbH

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Belt Thrower
– Container 20-40″
– Loading times of 15-25 minutes
– Simple handling
– Reliable loading
– Ejection distances up to 12 metres – product-protecting

Execution either in lacquered steel or in stainless steel

Principle of operation:
The granule ejector is mounted on a supporting structure, which can be attached for example with a fork lift truck to the rear of the container. Two platforms are located on the supporting structure for the operator. After the loading device has been attached, the HGV is positioned beneath the corresponding silo outlet. The filler opening of the container inliner is then fastened to the machine ejector hopper. The unit can be started after the silo outlet has been opened. The product is then accelerated by a rotary belt in the GWS 2000 and is ejected into the container. The operator can adjust the vertical setting and the ejection distance on the control panel of the system. To prevent the container from overflowing, the product inlet gate valve is closed when activated by an ultrasonic sensor. The required remainder or the quantity remaining from the silo can then be added by hand.

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