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09 – 10 OCTOBER 2024

ScrapeTec Trading GmbH

ScrapeTec Trading GmbH

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ScrapeTec Trading GmbH
We analyze critical points in the transfer area of conveyor systems and create new solutions for improvement and optimization. With this innovation strategy we develop unique products like the AirScrape, TailScrape and DustScrape. We are also introducing the new PrimeTracker – M, a belt steering system that eliminates problems associated with belt conveyor operation such as skew, friction and belt damage. It identifies faults in the operation of a belt conveyor before they lead to malfunctions / stoppages of the same.
These new developments are largely maintenance-free, enable considerable avoidance of dust generation, spillage and gentler and more efficient belt tracking at low cost and with minimal installation effort. In the long run, this means cost reduction, longevity, increased safety and occupational health and safety, reduction of the risk of failure and thus sustainability in the operation of your conveyor system.


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