All assembly information at a glance: Set-up times, delivery of heavy machinery, contacts and much more.


Delivery / assembly of heavy machinery

Tuesday, 08/10/2024
12 pm – 6 pm

Pre-registration with the official freight forwarder is required for forklift truck deliveries and unloading services.

Set-up times

Tuesday, 08/10/2024
12 pm – 6 pm

Set-up for exhibitors (setting up the stand). Any complaints can be addressed to the service points between 12 noon and 6 pm

Visitor trade fair hours

Wednesday, 09/10/2024
9 am – 5 pm

Thursday, 10/10/2024
9 am – 4 pm

Exhibitors can enter the trade show halls from 7:30 am

Dismantling of trade stand

Thursday, 10/10/2024
4:30 pm – 10 pm

Dismantling of trade stands – Please leave your exhibits packaged and labelled (company name, mobile number & stand number) and take all items with you. The hall gates will open shortly after the trade fair ends. All booth keys should be in the booth lock the end of the event.

Collection of machinery and exhibits

Friday, 11/10/2024
8 am – 12 pm

Collection of machinery and exhibits upon arrangement, no further dismantling possible


A deposit of EUR 100.00 must generally be paid upon delivery.

Transport company and empties storage

Please note that only the official transport company may provide transport services and use forklift trucks on site. Any arrangements must be made directly with them. All transport services must be organised with the official transport company. They will provide detailed information and prices.

Courier and parcel service deliveries

Regular deliveries by courier and parcel services can take place on the service day. Individual or specific delivery times are only possible upon arrangement with Easyfairs.
Please provide the courier with a mobile number for someone who can take the delivery on site. For insurance reasons, Easyfairs cannot accept/confirm receipt of deliveries for exhibitors.

Delivery/assembly of heavy machinery

The delivery of heavy machinery/exhibits weighing more than 1,000 kg must be registered with the event organiser and official trade fair transport company by 23/08/2024 at the latest.

Please observe the delivery zones specified by the transport company.

Floor load capacity and hall gate dimensions:

Hall 5

Gate 53
3.90 m high; 4.50 m wide

Gate 54
3.10 m high; 4.00 m wide

Floor load capacity 20 kN/m²

Hall 6

Gate 65 (main gate)
4.4 m high; 4.5 m wide

Gate 64
4.4 m high; 4.5 m wide

Gate 66
4.4 m high; 4.5 m wide

Gates 64 and 66 are only opened if there are large crowds at main gate 65. Floor load capacity 7.5KN/m²

Hall 7

Gate 72
3.90 m high; 5.50 m wide

Gate 73
3.90 m high; 5.00 m wide

Floor load capacity 7.5 KN/m²

Hall 8

Gate 82
3.90 m high; 5.50 m wide

Gate 83
3.90 m high; 5.00 m wide

Floor load capacity 7.5 kN/m²

Floor load capacity 7.5 kN/m²

Parking and parking regulations

Each exhibitor will receive one passenger car parking badge free of charge, which is valid for set-up day and both trade show days. You can obtain these from your event organiser on-site at the specified Service Points. You can order additional parking badges via our online shop. Personal vehicles are not permitted inside the hall under any circumstances. Only the official transport company for the trade show venue may use vehicles, forklift trucks and containers inside the hall. Access for set-up and dismantling is indicated by the signposted access routes to the exhibition grounds. Access to the respective gates is possible depending on utilisation. Please note that you are not permitted to drive your car directly to the hall gate immediately after the end of the trade show. All gate accesses and passageways along with all emergency escape routes must be kept clear. Any obstructing vehicles or materials will be removed at the owner’s expense.

Contacts and delivery addresses

Trade fair address

Messe Dortmund Rheinlanddamm 200
44139 Dortmund
All travel information

General questions about exhibiting, the processes, offers and systems

Easyfairs Deutschland GmbH
Tel: +49 (0)89 127 165 126

Service points during the trade show

Service point 1:
Exhibition management in hall 7
Stand BB7

Service point 2:
Passage between halls 4 and 5

Questions about stand construction, graphics and rental furniture

Selina Mair and Alain Haussener Operations Team
Phone: +49 89 127 165 129

Additional orders, technical orders, connections and technical exhibitor services
Selina Mair
Phone: +49 89 127 165 129

Transport services and exhibit delivery

DSV Solutions GmbH | Fairs & Events
Riemannstrasse 29B
04107 Leipzig

Johannes Boden
Phone: +49 (0) 341 90455 26
Mob: +49 (0)151 1713 7471

Please note: our own trade show personnel are not authorised to accept or safeguard your exhibition goods. These services are coordinated and billed directly between the transport company and the exhibitor.

Address for delivery of your materials to your stand

SOLIDS / RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund Exhibitor name
Name of person authorised to accept deliveries at your stand
Hall and stand no.
c /o Messe Dortmund GmbH
Rheinlanddamm 200
44139 Dortmund, Germany

Please note: our own trade show personnel are not authorised to accept or safeguard your exhibition goods.


Ms Lisa Montforts
Mobile: +49 (0)172 538 43 56

Hostesses / Trade fair personnel

Christiane Pauli Communications and event management
Hangbaumstrasse 2
32257 Bünde
Tel: +49 (0)5223 68 77 939
Mobile: +49 (0)173 28 04 286

Download the Technical Guide with important information on stand assembly, furniture, additional orders, stand graphics and service partner offers.