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09 – 10 OCTOBER 2024

Unser Palettier Roboter Ai1800
SSB Wägetechnik GmbH

Unser Palettier Roboter Ai1800

The Ai1800CE palletising robot reliably and efficiently palletises bagged goods, cartons and canisters and packs them securely and compactly for further transport.



The new robot from Okura is available in three different versions, which vary depending on the bagging performance. This means that every customer can choose their robot according to their requirements. The robots are characterized above all by their high reliability and functionality. They are almost maintenance-free and receive quick help from bases around the world. The 4-axis model enables precise and fast work and can be used in a wide range of applications and therefore for a variety of products. The robot can be programmed using integrated software, making it capable of learning and being used quickly and flexibly. The robot also offers the fastest cycle time in the robot class.

Advantages of the palletizing robot Ai1800CE
Ultra high speed
High loading capacity
Wide scope of application
Low noise level
Low energy consumption
Environmentally friendly
The robot can be equipped with different bag gripping and empty pallet modules.

Additional optional equipment:
Sack press belt
Bag receiving roller conveyor
Empty pallet centering frame
Soft sheet magazine
Bagging capacity: max. 1520 bags per hour
Working range: 4 axes, R-axis: 360°, D-axis: 2300mm,
O-axis: 1518mm, T-axis: 440°

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