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09 – 10 OCTOBER 2024

Weicon GmbH & Co. KG

WEICON CBC Epoxy Resin

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Special epoxy resin system for the shimming and back filling of difficult to be aligned systems. It serves as a replacement for fittings and worn metal sheets and ensures the direct contact to foundation plates.

WEICON CBC has a low viscosity, flows well and is self-levelling. It has a pot life of 30 minutes and cures nearly shrink-free. It provides a permanent, high-static stability and exhibits great ageing qualities. The epoxy resin system adheres particularly well to steel and concrete. It has a good compressive strength and is resistant against oil, fuels and many chemicals. It is vibration resistant as well as temperature resistant.

Due to its extremely low shrinkage, machines and systems remain constant after the casting with WEICON CBC in their alignment.

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